Record-breaking year for eService

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  • More than 1.7 million payment transactions per hour 

  • 570,000 payment terminals and nearly 25,000 online stores operated in 11 European countries

  • More than 100,000 free terminals made available under the Cashless Poland Program


1,738,842 payment transactions completed per hour, up nearly 18 percent from 2021. This is one of eService's records broken during the recent shopping peak - ahead of Christmas. The company has also seen significant growth in the number of terminals and online stores it operates in 11 European countries. In 2022, as the first, and so far only participant in the Cashless Poland Program, eService crossed the threshold of 100,000 terminals made available free of charge to Polish entrepreneurs. These results reinforce eService's position as the market leader in electronic payments in Central and Eastern Europe.


“The past year was a time of intense growth for eService, as well as the implementation of new services for our customers at home and abroad. Of particular importance was the introduction of the LikePOS application terminal. This solution enters a new area of our services and enables us to safely use smartphones as fully functional pocket payment terminals. In 2022, we made them available in Poland and the Czech Republic, and they have been rapidly gaining interest in both markets," says Joanna Seklecka, CEO of eService. “We also saw strong growth rates in the number of terminals and our e-commerce services. Within a year, the number of online stores using payment gateways operated by eService increased to 25,000,"  Joanna Seklecka concludes. 

Polish company the leader in Central and Eastern Europe

The number of payment terminals that eService operates in Poland reached 324,500 by the end of 2022. That's about 57 percent of all devices for which the company settles transactions across Europe (570,000). These results give it the position of the largest acquirer in the Region. The company's strong commitment to the development of the domestic market for payment services and its support for Polish entrepreneurs also led to it once again being awarded the title of Sales Leader of the Cashless Poland Program.

Market research and response to real needs 

In 2022, the company also intensively developed its offering of specialized solutions tailored to the needs of micro-entrepreneurs, trading companies and large international retail chains. It ran another - international - edition of a survey of payment preferences and consumer attitudes towards cashless payments. It uses the knowledge gained in this way to create new services characterized by simplicity and convenience of use. A good example of this is EVO Collect, which was made available last year, a solution that streamlines and automates settlements conducted by businesses with their customers.

Education and community engagement

The activities of eService go beyond the business sphere. The company attaches great importance to the professional development of its employees, support for community initiatives and education. The fruit of this model of action is, for example, the Pay and Help service. It allows Public Benefit Organizations to run collections of money donated by cardholders - when making purchases paid for at eService terminals. Another example is online tutorials, explaining to entrepreneurs the changes in their obligations under new laws - such as the Polish Deal Act, the Omnibus Directive and the PSD2 Directive.

The initiatives undertaken by eService and the results achieved are receiving many positive reviews and awards. Among the most important ones awarded over the past 12 months, noteworthy are the following: the Superbrands title, Sales Leader of the Cashless Poland Program, Financial Brand of the Year and Friendly Workplace.