Participants at the Polish-Czech Fintech Forum in Prague
1 June 2023

Polish-Czech Fintech Forum in Prague

On May 30, 2023, a Polish-Czech Fintech Forum took place at the Polish Embassy in the Czech Republic, with the participation of companies and entrepreneurs operating in both markets. The forum was organized by the...

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Joanna Seklecka Chairwoman  of Presiding Committee of Acquirers’ Association
2 February 2023

Joanna Seklecka Re-elected as Chairwoman of Presiding Committee of Acquirers’ Association

For the second consecutive year, the Acquirers' Association (KAR) at the Polish Bank Association entrusted Joanna Seklecka - President of the Management Board of eService - with the position of chairman of its Presiding...

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25 January 2023

Record-breaking year for eService

More than 1.7 million payment transactions per hour 570,000 payment terminals and nearly 25,000 online stores operated in 11 European countries More than 100,000 free terminals made available under the Cashless Poland...

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4 October 2022

Porsche becomes first eService customer in Slovenian market

eService, the leader of the Polish payment card acceptance market and the largest settlement agent in Central and Eastern Europe, has started its operations in Slovenia. The first customer on the new market is Porsche...

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29 June 2022

LikePOS from eService – a functional terminal in a smartphone for every entrepreneur

eService launched in Poland a new version of a solution that enables secure acceptance of payments on a smartphone. The LikePOS app, developed in partnership with Visa, went through months of rigorous testing, including...

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14 June 2022

Poland's largest cashless payment network available for Dotykačka users

Dotykačka, a provider of an innovative online POS system that is used by more than 30,000 European users every day and eService, a leader in the Polish payment card acceptance market and at the same time the largest...

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Podliczanie rachunków
9 June 2022

EVO Collect from eService - convenient management of receivables

The leader in the Polish market of accepting payment cards, provides entrepreneurs with an innovative service that enables them to streamline contact with customers and the acceptance of timely payments. By automating...

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31 May 2022

Almost 7 out of 10 Poles prefer electronic payments

Results of the latest international study ‘Attitudes towards payment methods’ commissioned by eService and other EVO Group entities reveal that almost 7 out of 10 Poles declare to pay electronically due to speed and...

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Meeting at the Polish Embassy in Prague
25 May 2022

Talks on electronic payments in Poland and the Czech Republic at the Polish Embassy in Prague

A meeting of representatives of the Polish payment industry and entrepreneurs operating in the Czech Republic took place today (24 May 2022) at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Prague. The topic was the...

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13 April 2022

"I Pay I Help" (Płacę i Pomagam) - eService facilitates fundraising for Ukraine

The leader of the Polish market of payment card acceptance - eService, launches the "I Pay I Help" campaign, whose aim is to facilitate entrepreneurs' involvement in fundraising for Ukraine. Using proprietary software...

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