Poland's largest cashless payment network available for Dotykačka users

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Dotykačka, a provider of an innovative online POS system that is used by more than 30,000 European users every day and eService, a leader in the Polish payment card acceptance market and at the same time the largest acquirer in Central and Eastern Europe, have established a partnership resulting in the integration of payment terminals and PIN pads offered by eService into the Dotykačka POS systems. The integration will automate the payment process, improve customer service, and enhance shopping security.

Payment terminals supplied and operated by eService, as well as the Dotykačka POS systems, are widely used by companies operating in the HoReCa, retail and service sectors. The decision to integrate and the possibility of creating common, modern cash and payment solutions opens new paths of business development for both partners.

"Joining eService as a provider of payment solutions integrated with the Dotykačka online POS system fulfils our unwritten commitment to acquiring key partners with whom we can jointly develop solutions that meet the real needs of our customers," said Marcin Marciniuk, Product & Support Manager at Dotykačka. "Current and future users of the Dotykačka system today gain access to the largest cashless payment network in Poland, while users of eService terminals can easily connect them to our POS systems," adds Marciniuk.

"eService puts great emphasis on the ergonomics of offered solutions and development of innovative services combining the best features of modern payment technologies. As a result, we can offer entrepreneurs and their customers a combination of the highest comfort, speed and reliability of transactions. The integration of eService terminals and Dotykačka's online POS systems is an important part of this effort because, while maintaining the highest security standards, it measurably shortens and simplifies card payment processing while significantly reducing the risk of cashier errors. Importantly, the jointly developed solution is already available to each entrepreneur using eService and Dotykačka services," said Zdzisław Mikłaszewicz, Director of Strategy and Product Development Office.

The integration (added to the payment terminal driver since version 1.22) covered the popular and reliable terminal models Ingenico DESK 3500 IP, Ingenico Move 3500 IP/Wi-Fi and Pin-Pad Ingenico Lane 3000. In the future, it will also cover other terminal models offered by eService.

Thanks to the integration, the acceptance of cashless payments - made with payment cards, smartphones or smartwatches - has been fully automated. Elimination of the intermediate step of manually entering the payment amount definitely improves and speeds up customer service when selling goods or services, reduces physical contact and minimizes the possibility of cashier errors.


Dotykačka (www.dotykacka.pl) is a full-service provider of online POS system solutions and services for small and medium-sized catering, retail, tourism and service companies. The company was founded in 2015 and is one of the European market leaders in modern POS systems. The next-generation online POS system Dotykačka, running on the Android platform, provides entrepreneurs with efficient and reliable support for their current operations and support for growth based on effective business data analysis.

Headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, Dotykačka Group s.r.o., together with its parent company Solitea, provides services to more than 30,000 commercial users in Central Europe.