EVO Collect from eService - convenient management of receivables

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The leader in the Polish market of accepting payment cards, provides entrepreneurs with an innovative service that enables them to streamline contact with customers and the acceptance of timely payments. By automating the tasks associated with correspondence, sending reminders and accounting for incoming payments, EVO Collect allows you to better manage your budget and save time normally wasted on reminding customers about overdue payments. The service will work well wherever customers make regular or recurring payments for goods and services.

EVO Collect is a web-based tool that helps entrepreneurs streamline the management of payments from customers and contractors. Upon service activation, you can create and profile a list of your customers, assign them to specific groups, easily generate various reports, and manage information about the history of payments made by them and the current status of outstanding receivables. Using an email correspondence wizard, you can create and automatically send your debtors recurring reminders about overdue amounts. Along with the content of the reminder, the addressees will also receive a service-generated link to a convenient electronic payment, which they can complete using an eService online payment gateway.

EVO Collect is one of the most unique tools on the Polish market for convenient and time-saving management of receivables dedicated to businesses and individuals who run, e.g., premium collections. By automating the review of information about pending and accepted payments and handling correspondence with customers, it saves a lot of time usually wasted on phone calls or messages reminding about outstanding settlements. It is an easy to use solution, which will be perfect wherever recurring payments are accepted - says Joanna Seklecka, CEO of eService.

An EVO Collect user can create an individual "account" for each customer, which can be used to settle the balance of receivables and at the same time serve as an automatically generated payment request for a product, service or fee for a specific period (week, month or one-off payment) - e.g. monthly subscription for a service or school fees.

The service was developed by an Irish company BOiPA, which, like eService, belongs to the international group EVO International. Before its launch on the Polish market, the service successfully passed the pilot organized for selected customers by its Polish operator - eService.

For more information about the service visit www.eservice.pl/evocollect.