eService with the first television advertising combine

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The television campaign promoting the portal started today. Its goal is to encourage entrepreneurs to take advantage of cashless payments and to show the resulting benefits. Four advertising spots have been prepared that will be broadcast in all-Poland TV stations and in the internet. The campaign is the initiative of the largest Polish clearing agent, eService Sp. z o.o., which is the first company in the industry running such a broad advertising action in electronic media.

The concept of the campaign assumes participation of real-life entrepreneurs who will join actors before the camera. One of the main characters in the campaign is Ms Katarzyna, the owner of a small fruits and vegetable shop in Warsaw. She is stating that card payments are really convenient for both the clients and the salesperson. It is best proven with the fact that she offered her clients the possibility of card payments after the advertising spot recording was ended.

Four advertising spots have been prepared for the campaign. The main one, 30 seconds long, is dedicated for television, and three 15-second productions will be used in the internet. Their actors will personate a florist, a manicurists, a tailor, and a plumber, that is the occupations often associated with micro-companies, who are the addressees of the campaign. The creation and strategy were designed by the agency Kaliciń, Havas Media purchased the media, and PR actions are supported by the agency CORE PR. is the proprietary eService platform focused on entrepreneurs and business owners who would like to create the possibility of card payment for their clients. With this portal, they can select the best types of payment terminals, and in just a few easy steps enter into an agreement under which they receive them within the Polska Bezgotówkowa (Cashless Poland) programme. The entrepreneurs who did not use cashless payments within the last 12 months may receive up to 3 payment terminals, with no transaction costs charged on processing VISA and Mastercard cards. When concluding the agreement through, they can choose the latest mobile terminals SMART D220, offer solely by eService, and receive them for free for good. Moreover, only in the eService offer, they will not pay any transaction costs for Diners Club, JCB, and UPI cards, and for BLIK payments, for 12 months.

The advertising spots of the campaign may be viewed here: