Impact of PSD2 and SCA on the business of Customers using the services of eService

What impact will the entry into force of PSD2 and SCA have on the business of customers using the services of eService?


How to prepare for the new requirements?

Customer safety is an absolute priority in eService. That is why we are the first Polish acquirer who is fully prepared to implement all the requirements set by SCA. As a responsible business partner, we have also taken care to develop solutions and procedures so that you can use the services of accepting non-cash payments under the new rules without hindrance, engaging in their implementation to the minimum extent necessary for technical reasons. Most often they will be limited to the need to read information about changes and instruct employees dealing with transactions.

The extent to which your company is affected by the PSD2 changes depends on the range of services you use:

  • Large companies and enterprises using solutions integrated with cash systems.

The scope of necessary changes has been established as part of individual cooperation and technical support. Information on the changes was provided during individual meetings and a series of seminars devoted to the deployment of the PSD2. Please contact your advisors and our regional sales representatives for more information.

  • Customers using the services of accepting non-cash payments via eService payment terminals.

The necessary technical changes to adapt your terminals to the new rules are fully implemented by eService specialists and will be ready to work on the day the new regulations enter into force. These changes consist of a terminal software update that is carried out without the need to act on your part. However, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the prepared information and train terminal operators, as some of the requirements for card transaction authorisation change in a way that might be noticeable to your customers and they may ask questions.

For your convenience we have prepared a 'cheat sheet' for cashiers, which can be printed out and placed at terminals. You can download it here: There are several language versions available for our customers from different countries.

  • Customers using eCommerce payment gateway.

As in the case of payment terminals, all necessary changes ensuring compliance with the 3-D Secure standard required by the PSD2, as well as the PCI DSS certificate, are implemented by eService and do not require any actions on the part of the customers who use them. 3-D Secure solutions should also not be a problem for cardholders who will use them after 14 September to pay for purchased goods and services.

In addition to handling technical and formal aspects related to the implementation of regulations and requirements resulting from the PSD2 and SCA, we have also prepared a support programme for all our Customers and consumers using their services. More information on the technical side of the PSD2 changes and their impact on business within acceptance of payments can be found in the material: PSD2 - Key changes and consequences.

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