Grupa osób ubranych w stroje biznesowe rozmawia o tym, czym jest ESG dla firmy

What does ESG mean to us

eService is a responsible business that takes into account the needs of our clients, employees and society, while at the same time caring about environment and climate protection. We are aware that we can protect our planet only through joint efforts. That is why we attach particular importance to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations member states as part of the Agenda 2030 resolution.


Our actions

In our everyday activity, we take into consideration all the goals of the Agenda 2030. However, we focus mainly on 7 selected goals, and we attach the greatest importance to their implementation. The goals are as follows:

Ikona przedstawiająca superbohatera stojącego na szczycie góry

Social responsibility

Actions that result in a positive impact on society are extremely important to us. That is why we actively engage in campaigns that support both entrepreneurs and employees.

Dłoń trzymająca biały terminal płatniczy

The Polska Bezgotówkowa programme

We support businesses which do not yet accept cashless payments at their points of sale. One of such initiatives is the Polska Bezgotówkowa programme, which offers entrepreneurs free payment terminals.

Płacę i Pomagam

Płacę i Pomagam (‘Pay and Help’) is an initiative addressed to entrepreneurs who would like to give their customers a chance to donate to charity while paying via a POS terminal.

Thanks to this solution, help is immediately delivered to those who need it most.

Obrazek przedstawiający uśmiechnięte osoby, które przekazały datek na cele charytatywne przy płaceniu za towar za pomocą terminala POS
Mężczyźni grający w piłkę nożną w ramach wolontariatu pracowniczego

Employee volunteering

We know that together we can do more, which is why we join our efforts through our employee volunteering programme. Every year, we take an active part in charity sports events. We are very glad that we can be a force for good ;)

Moreover, we organize numerous events in the office, during which we can share knowledge and meet experts in many fields. We also care about what matters the most in life, i.e. health—ours and that of our loved ones.

Ikona przedstawiająca planetę Ziemia


As part of sustainable development, we strive to rationally use resources and protect our environment.

For our planet

We are aware of the threats to the environment, which is why we undertake a number of initiatives out of concern for our planet.
We believe that we can achieve a lot with small steps. Therefore, we segregate waste, try to reduce paper use and responsibly dispose of electronic waste.


Dłonie trzymające makietę Ziemi na tle paproci i mchu

Simple and convenient e-invoices

We encourage our clients to use e-invoices, which have many advantages, both for the clients and for the environment. It is a very convenient solution that allows you to download an invoice whenever you want to, without the need to collect traditional letters, i.e. go to the post office or contact the postman.

Switching to e-invoices is extremely easy!

The Ekozwrot initiative

The Ekozwrot (‘eco-return’) initiative makes it possible to bring unused PAX payment terminals back to use.

We are glad that together with our clients, we can contribute to the protection of the environment and our planet’s natural resources. The terminals which are handed over to us are then professionally reviewed and refreshed so that they can be used again by another entrepreneur to enable safe and convenient payments.

Zielone rośliny umieszczone w żarówce zwisającej z sufitu

Ikona obrazująca ład korporacyjny


President of eService - the most influential woman in the payment industry

For the second year in a row, the jury of the ranking organized by, one of the largest fintech portals in Poland, decided that Joanna Seklecka, the president of eService, is the most influential woman in the Polish payment industry. Winners were selected by the representatives of the payment market and the winners of the previous editions of the contest.

In January 2020, Joanna Seklecka became the chairwoman of the Settlement Agents Committee, which performs a consultative and advisory function to the Polish Bank Association.

Joanna Seklecka — prezes eService

Principles of Corporate Governance adopted by eService

Information on the implementation of the Principles of Corporate Governance in Centrum Elektronicznych Usług Płatniczych eService Sp. z o.o.

eService has adopted and applies “The Principles of Corporate Governance for Supervised Institutions” issued by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority constituting an appendix to the Resolution No. 218/2014 of 22 July 2014 (”Principles”) by incorporating them in the General Meeting-adopted document ESERVICE PRINCIPLES OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE and relevant normative acts and internal regulations. These principles were implemented with the following exclusion:

§ 13 ust. 1.

The governing body should be collegial.

The Company does not apply the principle of collegiality of the Management Board. The Company has a transparent structure that is adequate for the scale and the nature of its operations. The reporting line, tasks, as well as the scope of duties and responsibilities are clearly assigned and properly divided. The organizational structure covers and reflects the entirety of the Company's activities, clearly separating each key function. The President of the Management Board is competent to run the Company, having the knowledge, experience and skills necessary to perform the entrusted function, which guarantees proper performance of the duties entrusted to them.

§ 22 ust. 1.

The composition of a supervised institution's supervisory body shall include an appropriate proportion of independent members, and where possible, appointed from among candidates identified by minority shareholders. Independence is manifested, most of all, in lack of direct and indirect connections with the supervised institution, members of the management and supervisory bodies, significant shareholders and entities related to them.

The Company does not apply the independence principle in relation to the members of the supervisory board, understood as ensuring an appropriate proportion of independent members in its composition, as considering the company ownership structure (no free float), the risk of inappropriate protection of minority shareholders despite the lack of application of the said principle is non-existent.

The Supervisory Board of eService Sp. z o.o. positively assessed the use of “The eService Principles of Corporate Governance” in 2017.