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Online payments

The e-commerce offer is intended for everyone who conducts — or plans to conduct — online sales.

eService online payments are modern and universal solutions that enable online stores and service providers to accept payments easily and securely by means of:

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  • activation fee
  • access to the administration panel
  • handling returns
  • withdrawal of funds in PLN
  • subscription

MAIN BENEFITS of the eService offer

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Full integration of sales channels

your customers can pay by card for online purchases on delivery


Comprehensive service

cashless payments in all sales channels


A wide range of services

more convenient sales management and increased attractiveness of shopping at your store or using the services of your restaurant, hotel or practice — e.g. SafeLink, which is a payment link generator


Regular money transfers

proceeds available on your account on the next day


  • Comprehensive cashless payment services for all sales channels.
  • Possibility of signing a contract for a payment terminal as well (up to 12 months for free).
  • The highest level of security guaranteed by PCI DSS certificates and EMV 3DS 2.1 solutions.
  • Accepting payments in several currencies — the ability to conduct transactions with clients around the world.
  • Handling payments in national currencies through a payment gateway not only in Poland, but also in the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary.
  • User-friendly administration panel in the browser — making the management of transactions even more intuitive.
  • Solutions integrated with many eCommerce platforms and online stores.
  • Solutions that are compatible with mobile applications (including SDK libraries).
  • Ready-to-download payment modules for e-stores (open source).
  • Customized solutions for the most demanding customers.
We will help you expand your business — we have everything you need! We will be happy to prepare an attractive offer for you and answer your questions.

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