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eService launched in Poland a new version of a solution that enables secure acceptance of payments on a smartphone. The LikePOS app, developed in partnership with Visa, went through months of rigorous testing, including on the Czech market, where it is offered as REVO SoftPOS. The resulting insights show that LikePOS' feature that allows to accept unlimited payments authorized with a PIN code adds significant value to the solution when it is used not only in mobile or seasonal sales, but also in delivery or medical services, as well as in beauty salons and car repair shops. eService is now looking to launch LikePOS on other European markets where it operates.

The name “LikePOS” was selected from among proposals submitted by eService employees. This simple and friendly name perfectly conveys the idea of a solution which turns a smartphone into a POS terminal, adding yet another functionality to one of the most popular devices in the world. There are some 6.5 billion smartphones[1] globally, and research by CBOS shows that they are used by 8 in 10 Poles[2].

Smartphones are uniquely popular and versatile devices, and there’s still a lot to come in terms of how we can benefit from these advantages. It therefore shouldn’t come as a surprise that for a couple of years now global leaders in payments have been exploring the possibilities of turning smartphones into lightweight and easily accessible terminals. One of the major hurdles that we had to overcome was finding a secure way for entering the PIN code. As early as in 2019 we were one of few players testing a similar solution, which we then called LitePOS. Today, after months of international efforts, during which we learned a lot and evolved the solution while working with almost a thousand of our clients, we are pleased to launch a mature solution which combines the best of what both of these devices have to offer. With the LikePOS app we can now offer any entrepreneur, and their customers, a convenient and – most importantly – secure solution that turns a smartphone into a device that accepts card payments, said Joanna Seklecka, President of the Board, eService.

Today, billions of people expect the convenience of paying with their cards wherever they shop. Yet, there are still situations when using a card isn’t an option: the outdoor market, that food truck, that new, family-run business. Millions of small and micro-businesses worldwide struggle with the burdens of traditional acceptance. So Visa is democratizing access to payment experiences that consumers increasingly expect, said Katarzyna Zubrzycka, Head of Merchant Sales & Acquirers, CEE, Visa.

LikePOS differs from other previously tested solutions in that its mobile app supports payments without imposing limits on their value and allows transactions which require authorization. This is possible thanks to Tap to Phone (TTP). Visa’s Tap to Phone turns any NFC-enabled Android mobile device into a working point of sale or acceptance device.

The solution offered by eService can be installed on various models of NFC-enabled smartphones which run on Android 8.1 or higher. It supports all transactions made with popular payment methods: contactless Visa and Mastercard cards, including those stored virtually on smartphones and smartwatches. Similarly to other modern mobile terminals such as SmartPOS D220 or PAX A920, LikePOS can send a proof of transaction to a cardholder’s email address.

Payment experts believe that advanced digital technologies enabling acceptance without devices specifically dedicated to accepting card payments can further drive the momentum for cashless payments and accelerate the shift away from cash towards electronic payments. One of the factors that drive this shift are lower payment processing costs paid by entrepreneurs. Since they can use their own smartphone to accept payments, entrepreneurs can generate savings as they no longer need to purchase or lease traditional terminals.

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