eService supports entrepreneurs

eService Sp. z o.o., the leader of the Polish online payment market, offers its Customers an innovative product that makes it possible to finance current activities – AKONTO. It is a novelty in the Polish market.

The financing programme offered by eService is aimed at dynamically developing companies. With AKONTO, an innovative product in the Polish market, it provides quick and flexible financing of an important purchase for the company or other unplanned expenses as well as improves financial fluidity. It is important that using AKONTO is not taken into account while estimating the financial capacity of the company, thus in no way does it influence the possibility of applying for funds from other financial sources.

AKONTO is a deposit repaid from future transactions with the use of a card thanks to which one can receive funds amounting to up to 100% of the monthly turnover made by payment cards. This amount is repaid automatically: eService charges a fixed amount from daily transfers to the Merchant, which provides a convenient way of servicing the agreement. The Merchant does not have to worry about the payment schedule – it is sufficient to accept card payments.

With a share of nearly 40% in the e-payment market and an acceptance network consisting of nearly 100,000 POS terminals, eService is the leading acquirer in Poland as well as in Central and Eastern Europe. The core activity of the Company is the authorization and settlement of payments made with the use of all types of VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover and American Express payment cards. The payments are made in PLN and over 20 other currencies supported by DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion). Additionally, eService offers such services as topping up mobile phones, serving customer loyalty programmes and gift cards, as well as cash withdrawal. eService is co-owned by EVO Payments International and PKO Bank Polski.