Apple Pay available in eService network

It is now possible to pay using Apple Pay in Poland. The solution is compatible with terminals operated by eService – the largest acquirer and the leader in the online payment market. It means that users of the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models who also possess a payment card issued by a bank that cooperates with Apple are now able to pay for goods or services using their phone in outlets served by eService.

Apple Pay, launched by Apple on 20 October 2014, is a new mobile payment system. This function is available in the latest iPhone 6 models running the iOS 8.1 operating system. Apple Pay uses the NFC technology and TouchID – after adding a credit card to the application, all you have to do is hold your phone near the contactless payment reader and then confirm the transaction through scanning a fingerprint. As is the case for contactless payment by VISA or MasterCard, it is necessary to enter the PIN to confirm higher payments.

Apple Pay uses NFC technology, which is not a novelty in the Polish market. Poland is one of the leaders in popularizing this standard in Europe, and eService prides itself on having installed more than 80,000 devices of this type. A test transaction conducted with the use of a mobile Apple Pay wallet at a McDonald’s restaurant proceeded without problems and was successfully reprocessed by eService.

Those who are interested in Apple Pay should remember that this application is not yet available outside the United States. Only owners of the latest iPhone models, who also have a credit card of one of the American banks cooperating with Apple Pay are currently able to pay this way. Apple has reported that within the first three days after the service was launched, more than one million payment cards were registered in Apple Pay. 

Apple announces the expansion of the system into European markets.