eService owner ranked 14th among the biggest European payment card processors

In the newest ranking of the prestigious Nilson Report for 2014, EVO Payments International ranked 14th among the biggest providers of card transaction services in Europe.

The published ranking shows the share of European settlement agents in the market, taking into account settlements performed in outlets as well as online transactions, and transactions via mobile applications. In the past year the Company ranked 17th, which means an improvement by 3 positions. Additionally, EVO has noted a 35 percent increase in the number of transactions settled.  

The eService company- the leader of electronic payments in Europe and Central Europe is part of the EVO Payments International Group. Apart from Central Europe, the EVO Group operates on the American, Canadian, German, Irish and Spanish market where it offers a variety of innovative, reliable and safe payment solutions. To EVO Europe is a region of great strategic importance and a chance for success on the international arena.

eService,  part of the EVO Group as of 2013, is the industry leader in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe. Among just under 900m transactions handled by EVO in Europe, nearly 700m were processed by eService. In the past year eService started operating in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company processes also transactions made within the EVO Group operations in Ireland, Great Britain, Germany and Spain.