eService unveils a new online payment system upgraded with MasterPass e-wallet

eService, the technological leader among Polish acquirers, unveiled a modernized layout of the online payment system in November this year. It has been upgraded with new functionalities and payment solutions. While performing a transaction at an online shop supported by eService, it is possible to use the MasterPass e-wallet.

eService's new payment gateway offers not only a more intuitive interface or modern layout but also, most importantly, a wide selection of payment methods, tailored both to the needs of users and the developing online payment market. In addition to a standard offer of the largest payment institutions, the gateway also provides e-transfers, which are possible due to cooperation with more than ten of the largest banks, which ensure full automation of the service. Additionally, it is possible to pay via IKO (PKO Bank Polski's mobile application), the international system PayPal, and – since recently – with the use of the MasterPass e-wallet.

MasterPass is a kind of an electronic wallet that frees buyers from having to enter their payment card data and delivery address at every transaction in all shops that offer this method of payment. By registering their MasterPass, the Customer links with it such payment cards as MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Diners Club or American Express. While shopping, the Customer logs in to MasterPass and chooses the payment card which will be used to make a payment.

“The eCommerce solution is an extremely important product in the eService hierarchy; therefore, we do not intend to stop at what we have been able to achieve so far. To provide our customers with the latest solutions, we intend to open up further to new technologies and concepts offered by the online payment market. We also want to use the synergic opportunities with our co-owner EVO Payments International, the European leader in eCommerce,” says Arkadiusz Bochniak, the Director of the eService Business Department.

eService, with a 40% share in the online payment market, is the leading acquirer in Poland. In 2014 the Company began its operations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.