With eService you can buy Polish State Railways tickets online

Since February 2015, travellers have been able to buy tickets for PKP Intercity trains online with eService, the leading acquirer in Central Europe that also offers the eCommerce solution. The offer includes non-cash payments with the use of a payment card and MasterPass e-wallet.

In addition to the basic offer of accepting terrestrial non-cash payments, for many years eService has also offered eCommerce services. With eService it is possible to pay online for PKP Intercity tickets using the following payment cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express, as well as the MasterPass digital wallet. Train travellers can purchase tickets online both for fast trains (TLK and IC) and express trains (EIC and EIP).

“We are proud to have become the partner of such a major player as PKP Intercity. For eService, this means not only an increase in the number of processed transactions but also a share in the development of the passenger transport system. We hope that our offer will enjoy the consumers’ trust, which will be reflected in their satisfaction with our cooperation,” says Marek Paradowski, the President of eService.

eCommerce services offered by eService are not limited to such payment channels as payment cards and the MasterPass e-wallet. The Company also offers online payments such as e-transfers, which are possible owing to the cooperation with a dozen or so largest banks that provide full automation of the service. Additionally, payments are available with the use of PKO Bank Polski’s mobile application, IKO, as well as in the international system PayPal. The range of the services as well as the available methods of payment are adjusted to online activities and depend on the preferences and needs of an online merchant.