Marek Paradowski, the President of eService wins eDukat

Marek Paradowski, the President of the eService Management Board has been awarded the eDukat prize for his contribution to the development of the non-cash payment market.

eDukats were awarded during the 3rd International Congress on Non-Cash Payments for outstanding achievements in the field of non-cash payments.

This year is the first time eDukats have been awarded, and those who have received them are representatives of the world of science, business and politics.

Marek Paradowski, the President of the eService Management Board, received the prize for the successful leadership of eService through changes in an extremely difficult period for the Polish acquiring market and making eService the acquiring leader in the market. The President of eService has many years’ experience and an extensive knowledge of non-cash payments. The prize is a form of appreciation for his input into creating market standards.

The eDukat Jury members included: Robert Łaniewski – president of the Management Board of the Foundation for the Development of Non-Cash Turnover, Dr. Jakub Górka – assistant professor at the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw and Zbigniew Wiśniewski – independent expert in non-cash payments. The name of the eDukat prize symbolizes the evolution of the form of money – from a physical form into an electronic form.