eService handled over one million transactions on the Czech market

eService, the leading settlement agent in Central Europe, last year officially started its operations in the Czech Republic and has already marked its first success – one million transactions settled in the neighboring market.

Over the past several months eService recorded an increase not only in the number of settled transactions but also in Merchants’ interest. The company is successfully competing with local and international settlement agents present in the Czech Republic, and with much success is gaining the trust of new clients interested in cashless payments acceptance.

eService’s offer to non-domestic clients includes settlement of payments made using Visa and MasterCard, and just recently also Diners Club and Discover cards. The dynamically operating settlement agent is participating in many tenders of both large international players and local businesses.

„One million settled transactions is a big milestone for eService in its foreign expansion process. Attractive terms and conditions of cooperation and professionalism built on years long experience are surely at the heart of our success.” - said Arkadiusz Bochniak, eService Business Department Director.

The company is working on implementing further services in the foreign markets without, however, neglecting the Polish market at the same time. eService is still the leader among settlement agents and continues its advance, as proved by the three-fold increase in eCommerce market share over the past 12 months.

In 2015 the Company was nominated to the prestigious Merchant Payment Ecosystem 2015 (MPE) award in two categories – Payment Service Provider and Processing Award. eService has scooped yet another award for its contribution to the international electronic payment system.