25,000 eService terminals offer prepaid service

eService Sp. z o.o., the technological leader in electronic payment in Poland, has provided its customers with the offer to top up their mobile phones with the use of a POS terminal for more than 10 years, and the number of terminals that offer this service is rising.

In addition to the acceptance of non-cash payment as well as the service of many other complementary products, eService is also a direct distributor of mobile phone credits. Being in the top 5 of the largest national distributors, eService owns nearly 25,000 POS devices that support electronic top-ups.

The topping-up service offered by eService is a solution for topping up mobile phones via POS terminals, which are also used to accept card payments. Two kinds of mobile phone topping-up are available – remote topping-up, provided directly by the network operator's system while performing the transaction of the purchase of the credit, as well as manual topping-up, where the user enters a topping-up code printed from the terminal into the telephone at any time convenient for the phone user.

eService’s offer includes topping-up of the largest local and international mobile phone operators, such as Heyah, Lyca-Mobile, Orange, Plus, Play, T-Mobile or Virgin. The Company has also started the sales and distribution of prepaid SIM cards for several nationwide chains of petrol stations, grocery stores, pharmacies as well as consumer electronics and household appliances stores.