Turn your phone into a payment terminal with LikePOS

Running business in constant motion? Customers don't always carry cash? Looking for a way to conveniently handle cashless payments without the need for a terminal? We have a solution just for you. With the LikePOS app, turn your phone or tablet into a payment acceptance device. It's a modern service that will be great for any business.

Accept payments wherever you are

Mobile acceptance of cashless payments - wherever you need it.


Payment terminal in your pocket

All you need is a device with Android 8.1 or higher, supporting NFC communication.


No additional hardware needed

To make the system work, you do not need to connect adapters or other external devices.


Full security of transactions

Accepting payments over the phone with LikePOS is secure - the application has received PCI CPoC security certification.

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Grow your business with LikePOS

Don't let others be ahead of you - get customers with eService.

  • To operate, LikePOS only requires a smartphone with Android 8.1 or higher and NFC technology.
  • The solution enables Visa and Mastercard transactions.
  • With its secure handling of transactions requiring PIN, it also enables acceptance of payments in excess of PLN 100.
  • In addition to credit card transactions, it enables contactless payments with a phone, virtual wallets (Google Pay and Apple Pay) and any other virtual card carriers, e.g. smartwatches.
  • LikePOS received the PCI CPoC security certificate.
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Accepting payments on your smartphone with LikePOS is easy!

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Enter the transaction amount on your smartphone.

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Ask your customer to swipe the payment card and, if necessary, enter the PIN on the displayed keypad.

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If the customer wishes, send transaction confirmation via email.

How to launch a terminal on a smartphone?

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1. Fill in the form or call us

Contact us about the service - by phone, email or through the application form. We will present the details of the contract and the terms of use of the app. If you are already our customer, all you need is an annex to the contract.


2. Activate your account and download the app from the Google Pay store

Your merchant account must be activated. To do this, first download the LikePOS app from the Google Play store and then, after launching it, express consent necessary for the app to work properly. The final step is to log in to the customer portal ( to activate your account. In the "My Terminals" tab, select the number of the device, scan the QR code displayed, and enter the digital code received, in the app.


3. Start accepting LikePOS payments

Now that your account is active and the LikePOS app is up and running, you can accept payments. Your phone has become a payment terminal.



Terms of the offer

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Flexible contract

The contract is signed indefinitely - you can cancel whenever you want.


Low monthly fee

The monthly fee is only PLN 4,99.

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