eService rewarded with Orzeł of the weekly "Wprost" 2016 [Eagle of Wprost 2016]

eService, the largest settlement agent in Poland, won the prestigious title of Orzeł of the weekly "Wprost" 2016 [Eagle of Wprost 2016] in the category "The company with the largest average net profit in 2012-2014."

Orły Wprost [Eagles of Wprost] are the rewards for the companies that make the special contribution to the development of the economy, region and Poland as a country.  This title is a reference to the unique honour received by the editor of "Wprost" Michał Maciej Lisiecki, from the Institute of the President Ryszard Kaczorowski [Instytut im. Prezydenta Ryszarda Kaczorowskiego] for proving that it is possible to reconcile being a patriot and supporting Poland with everyday activities in conducting business. The emblem of Poland – an image of White Eagle – became a symbol of this reward.

It is another prestigious title received by eService that forms an acknowledgement of the continuous work towards achieving goals and the position eService has been able to gain on the market.

Receiving the title of Orzeł Wprost [Eagle of Wprost] is an enormous honour for us. Our  goal is to promote non-cash payments in Poland. Every reward we receive confirms that we succeed and that our work is appreciated by others. We constantly observe the ever changing market and we adjust our activities to the new trends.  – comments Marek Paradowski, the CEO of eService.

For many years now, eService has been constantly developing and introducing new ideas to the market of settlement agents. The Company's share in the Polish market of the card payments amounts to nearly 40 percent. eService, having processed around 1 billion electronic transactions in 2015, is on the first place of the settlement agents in Central and Eastern Europe. Since 2014, the Company has been present on the markets in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and, since 2015, in Gibraltar.