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POS terminals for stationary use

Our stationary POS terminals enable acceptance of all types of payment cards, including all payment methods such as EMV Chip & PIN, magnetic stripe and Near Field Communication (NFC) for contactless payments. These POS terminals are efficient, reliable and durable.

This POS terminal is simple and intuitive. The screen and keyboard are illuminated, so the device can be used in any lighting conditions. A powerful processor accelerates the transaction and enables efficient customer service. This device is ideally suited for the so-called “display islands” in shopping centres, where only one payment terminal is required and there is no need for the use of mobile devices.

For connectivity, stationary POS terminals utilize Ethernet, Telco, RS-232 with power supply, USB Client, USB Host and dial-up modem. A PIN pad may be connected to these POS terminals for easy customer service in larger points of sale.