Spolka nalezaca do EVO Payments International

Mobile payments BLIK

The BLIK mobile payment system enables payments in stores and online, ATM cash withdrawals and, in the future, P2P transfers – all with a mobile phone. The application’s underlying identification mechanism are single-use codes generated for the user by the PSP at the request of the bank.


  • BLIK is especially helpful to users and vendors as it makes all payments quick, easy, cheap and secure.
  • BLIK speeds up customer service and shortens the queue – the time required for the application to generate the code and to enter it on the POS terminal is shorter than the duration of a standard card transaction.
  • This new payment method attracts new customers who appreciate innovative technological solutions, and payments with a mobile phone as a convenient tool for managing personal finances.
  • Modern payment methods have a beneficial effect on the image of the operator – it is perceived as a modern, customer-oriented market player.

Smartphone transactions are the future of payments. Mobile banking applications are already used by millions of smartphone owners. Customers are increasingly keen on making an active use of their mobile phone, which is replacing not only the wallet, but also debit and credit cards.